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Training Students to Extract Value from Big Data: Summary of a Workshop (2014)

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Developing a 21st Century Global Library for Mathematics Research (2014)

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Frontiers in Massive Data Analysis (2013)

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The Mathematical Sciences in 2025 (2013)

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Aging and the Macroeconomy: Long-Term Implications of an Older Population (2012)

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Fueling Innovation and Discovery: The Mathematical Sciences in the 21st Century (2012)

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Assessing the Reliability of Complex Models: Mathematical and Statistical Foundations of Verification, Validation, and Uncertainty Quantification (2012)

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Transforming Combustion Research through Cyberinfrastructure (2011)

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Evaluation of NSF's Program of Grants and Vertical Integration of Research and Education in the Mathematical Sciences (VIGRE) (2009)

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