TCRP Synthesis 75: Uses of Higher Capacity Buses in Transit Service
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TCRP Synthesis 75:
Uses of Higher Capacity Buses in Transit Service
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TRB's Transportation Cooperative Research Program (TCRP) Synthesis 75: Uses of Higher Capacity Buses in Transit Service explores the use of higher capacity (HC) public transit buses in trunk, express, long-distance commuter, Bus Rapid Transit, and special (e.g., sports and special events) services in North America. For purposes of this study, HC buses included articulated, double-deck, 45-ft, and other buses that have a significant increase in passenger capacity compared with conventional 40-ft buses.


  • Transportation — Public Transportation
  • Transportation — Vehicles and Equipment

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81 pages | 8.5 x 11

Table of Contents

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Front Matter i-ix
Summary 1-3
Historical Perspective 4-5
Approach 6-6
Types of Service Using Higher Capacity Buses 7-8
Reasons for Implementing Higher Capacity Buses 9-10
Facilities or Infrastructure Modifications 11-11
Actions Taken to Reduce Dwell Time 12-13
Experience with Higher Capacity Buses 14-14
Agency-Reported Customer Acceptance of Higher Capacity Buses 15-15
Issues or Concerns Raised with Use of Higher Capacity Buses 16-16
Vehicle Features and Amenities 17-18
Wheelchair Equipment and Passenger Experience 19-19
Spare Ratios for Higher Capacity Buses 20-20
Future Plans for Higher Capacity Buses 21-21
Regional Transportation District (Denver, Colorado): Higher Capacity Buses as a Component of a Family of Services 22-24
Victoria Regional Transit System/BC Transit: Search for Higher Capacity in an Older City Context 25-33
ChampaignUrbana (Illinois) Mass Transit District: Small Systems Can Effectively Use Higher Capacity Buses 34-37
Operating Performance of Current Higher Capacity Buses 38-42
A Look at the Future 43-43
Capital Costs of Higher Capacity Buses 44-45
Experience with Higher Capacity Buses 46-47
Safety Issues 48-48
Infrastructure Issues 49-49
Other Operational Issues 50-52
Trade-Offs in Using Higher Capacity Buses 53-53
Vehicle Design Issues 54-54
Chapter Six - Conclusions 55-57
References 58-59
Appendix A - Surveys of Transit Agencies and Bus Manufacturers 60-67
Appendix B - Study Participants 68-68
Appendix C - Regulations on Vehicle Size and Weight 69-71
Abbreviations used without definitions in TRB publications 72-72

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