NCHRP Report 525 Volume 15: Costing Asset Protection: An All-Hazards Guide for Transportation Agencies (CAPTA)
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NCHRP Report 525 Volume 15:
Costing Asset Protection: An All-Hazards Guide for Transportation Agencies (CAPTA)
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TRB's National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Report 525, Vol. 15: Costing Asset Protection: An All-Hazards Guide for Transportation Agencies (CAPTA) is designed as a planning tool for top-down estimation of both capital and operating budget implications of measures intended to reduce risks to locally acceptable levels. CAPTA supports mainstreaming an integrated, high-level, all-hazards, national incident management system-responsive, multimodal, consequence-driven risk management process into transportation agency programs and activities.

The guide is supplemented online with a downloadable Microsoft PowerPoint slide show and CAPTool, a spreadsheet tool for implementing the CAPTA methodology. A help file is also available online.

NCHRP Report 525: Surface Transportation Security is a series in which relevant information is assembled into single, concise volumesâ€"each pertaining to a specific security problem and closely related issues. The volumes focus on the concerns that transportation agencies are addressing when developing programs in response to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, and the anthrax attacks that followed. Future volumes of the report will be issued as they are completed.


  • Transportation — Aviation
  • Transportation — Marine Transportation
  • Transportation — Motor Carriers
  • Transportation — Planning and Forecasting
  • Transportation — Public Transportation
  • Transportation — Railroads
  • Transportation — Administration and Management
  • Transportation — Bridges and Other Structures
  • Transportation — Security and Emergencies

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136 pages | 8.5 x 11

Table of Contents

skim chapter
Front Matter i-xi
Summary 1-4
Part I - CAPTA Final Report 5-5
Background 6-6
Overview of the CAPTA Methodology 7-7
Basic Definitions 8-8
Risk Management Taxonomy 9-10
Assumptions 11-11
Risk and Consequence 12-12
Institutional Context for Risk Management 13-14
Alternative Approaches 15-15
Development of the CAPTA Methodology 16-21
Asset Categories 22-22
Hazards/Threats 23-27
Consequence Threshold 28-28
Countermeasures 29-31
General Countermeasure Attributes 32-33
Chapter 4 - Results Summary 34-34
Chapter 5 - Conclusion 35-35
References 36-36
Appendix A - Costing Asset Protection: An All Hazards Guide for Transportation Agencies (CAPTA) Test Preparation 37-45
Appendix B - Summary Report for the CAPTA Pilot Test with Maryland DOT, October 17, 2007 46-47
Appendix C - Summary Report for the CAPTA Pilot Test with MBTA, November 16, 2007 48-49
Appendix D - Summary Report for the CAPTA Pilot Test with the Virginia DOT, February 13, 2008 50-51
Appendix E - List of Acronyms 52-52
Appendix F - Glossary of Terms Used in CAPTA 53-55
Appendix G - Recommended Further Reading 56-57
Part II - CAPTool User Guide 58-58
Preface 59-61
Background 62-62
Overview of the CAPTA Methodology 63-63
Risk and Consequence 64-64
Assumptions 65-65
Basic CAPTool and Expanded CAPTool 66-67
Example Agency 68-68
Data Consistency 69-70
Step 1: Relevant Risks 71-76
Step 2: Thresholds 77-80
Step 3: Asset and Asset Class Inventory 81-87
Step 4: Inventory of High-Consequence Assets/Asset Classes 88-90
Step 5: Countermeasure Opportunities 91-94
Step 6: Results Summary 95-97
Step 1a: Threat/Hazard Vulnerability Table 98-99
Step 5a: Countermeasure Costs 100-101
Step 5b: Selection of Additional Countermeasures 102-103
Step 5c: Countermeasure Filter Selection 104-105
Conclusion 106-106
Appendix A - Countermeasure Unit Costs and Descriptions 107-109
Appendix B - Threshold Equations 110-110
Appendix C - CAPTool Initial Startup Instructions 111-111
Appendix D - Countermeasures Dictionary 112-124
Abbreviations used without definitions in TRB publications 125-125

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