ACRP Report 33: Guidebook for Developing and Managing Airport Contracts
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ACRP Report 33:
Guidebook for Developing and Managing Airport Contracts
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TRB's Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP) Report 33: Guidebook for Developing and Managing Airport Contracts is a guidebook of best practices for developing, soliciting, and managing airport agreements and contracts for use by a variety of airports.

The agreements referenced in this guidebook range from airline-related agreements to communication and utility service as well as common-use, ground transportation, and concessions agreements for a variety of passenger services. An accompanying CD-ROM provides sample agreements in each of these areas.

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  • Transportation — Aviation
  • Transportation — Administration and Management
  • Transportation — Finance

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84 pages | 8.5 x 11

Table of Contents

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Front Matter i-ix
1.1 Length of Term 1-1
1.2 Control of Space 2-2
1.4 Ability to Accommodate New Entrants and Growing Incumbents 3-3
1.6 Treatment of Alliances 4-4
1.8 Privileges Granted 5-5
1.11 Reporting of Activity 6-6
1.12 Form and Amount of Payment Security 7-7
1.13 Insurance 8-8
1.14 Assignments and Subletting 9-9
1.16 Rate Making 10-10
1.17 Billing, Payments and Adjustments 11-11
1.19 MII Approval for Capital Projects; Formula for MII Calculation 12-13
1.20 Bankruptcy Provisions 14-14
2.1 Financial Terms 15-18
2.2 Service and Operational Terms 19-19
2.3 Food and Beverage Concessions 20-23
2.6 Parking 24-24
2.7 Rental Cars 25-29
3.1 Critical Issues - Fiber, Cable, and Internet 30-30
3.2 Critical Issues - Distributed Antenna Systems 31-32
3.3 Critical Issues - Telephone Service to Airport Sponsor 33-35
3.4 Critical Issues - Utility Leases or Easements 36-37
4.1 Minimum Standards 38-38
4.2 Critical Issues - Fixed-Base Operators 39-41
4.3 Critical Issues - Hangar Leases 42-42
4.4 Through-the-Fence Arrangements 43-43
5.1 Trends in Ground Transportation Agreements 44-45
5.3 Critical Issues in Ground Transportation 46-48
6.3 Critical Issues in Contracting Services 49-52
7.1 Critical Issues in Professional Services Agreements 53-55
7.2 Selection Process 56-56
8.1 Best Practices in Bid/RFP/RFQ Process 57-62
8.2 Proposal Evaluations 63-63
8.3 Best Practices Specific to Bid Processes 64-65
9.1 Key Factors for Success in Airport Commercial Land Development 66-68
9.3 FAA Compliance 69-70
10.2 Term 71-71
10.7 Compensation 72-72
10.9 Reporting 73-73
11.2 Public Art 74-74
Abbreviations used without definitions in TRB publications 75-75

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