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ACRP Report 20: Strategic Planning in the Airport Industry
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ACRP Report 20:
Strategic Planning in the Airport Industry
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TRB's Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP) Report 20: Strategic Planning in the Airport Industry explores practical guidance on the strategic planning process for airport board members, directors, department leaders, and other employees; aviation industry associations; a variety of airport stakeholders, consultants, and other airport planning professionals; and aviation regulatory agencies. A workbook of tools and sequential steps of the strategic planning process is provided with the report as on a CD. The CD is also available online for download as an ISO image or the workbook can be downloaded in pdf format.

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134 pages | 8.5 x 11

Table of Contents

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Front Matter i-ix
Part 1 - Introduction and Definition of Strategic Planning 1-1
1.1 Purpose of the Guidebook 2-3
1.2 The Guidebook Structure 4-4
2.2 The Airport Strategic Planning Framework 5-12
2.3 The Key Benefits of Strategic Planning 13-14
2.4 The Airport Planning Processes 15-17
Part 2 - The Strategic Planning Sequence 18-18
3.1 Defining the Need to Initiate the Strategic Planning Process 19-19
3.2 Defining Specific Benefits 20-21
3.3 Assessing the Organization's Readiness 22-22
3.4 Defining the Scope of the Process 23-24
3.5 Defining the Expected Outcome of the Process in Terms of a Written Plan 25-29
3.6 Defining the Stakeholders 30-38
3.7 Defining Who Should Facilitate the Strategic Planning Sessions 39-41
4.1 Conducting a Historical Review of the Organization 42-42
4.2 Reviewing Historical Performance Statistics 43-45
4.3 Identifying Factors Critical to Achieving or Not Achieving Previously Set Goals 46-46
4.4 Examining How the Organization's Governance Structure Has Evolved (Optional) 47-49
5.1 Mission Statements 50-53
5.2 Vision Statements 54-55
5.3 Values Statements 56-59
Chapter 6 - Scanning the Environment and Predicting Developments 60-60
6.1 Internal Assessment 61-65
6.2 External Environment Scan 66-81
6.3 Tools to Assess the Future of the Organization and Formulate Strategies 82-87
7.1 Identifying Strategic Issues 88-88
7.2 Determining a Generic Strategy 89-92
7.3 Grand Strategies 93-93
7.4 Setting Long-Term Objectives 94-96
8.1 Formulating Short-Term Objectives 97-98
8.2 Creating an Action Plan to Implement Short-Term Objectives 99-100
9.1 Defining the Purpose and Content of the Written Strategic Plan 101-102
9.3 Defining External Communication Strategies 103-103
9.4 Implementing the Plan 104-115
10.1 Monitoring Strategic Plan Implementation 116-116
10.2 Reviewing Strategic Plan Implementation and Modifying the Strategic Plan 117-118
Appendix A - Glossary of Terms 119-120
Appendix B - Contributors to the Focus Groups and Online Survey 121-123
Abbreviations used without definitions in TRB publications 124-125

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