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The Internet offers children outstanding opportunities for educational growth and fun, but it also raises legitimate concerns about the risks of this seemingly boundless medium. Along with information about spaceships and dinosaurs and downloads of pop music can come hate-speech, violent imagery, cult messages—and pornography. How can parents deal with this dark side of modern technology and still allow children to explore the cyberworld?

NetSafeKids: A Resource for Concerned Parents
In 2002, the National Research Council of the National Academies released Youth, Pornography, and the Internet, a report on protecting children and teens from sexually explicit material and threats from sexual predators operating online. NetSafeKids is based on the important findings of this report. It provides practical information and tips on types and sources of sexually explicit content, ways that inappropriate material can reach children and teens, the threat of cyberstalking, the pros and cons of filtering and monitoring tools, and other issues involving Internet safety. NetSafeKids is an important step on the road to becoming an Internet-savvy parent who can make informed decisions and plan effective strategies that promote safe and enjoyable Internet experiences for children.


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