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Pornography and Predators: Basic Facts/Legal Issues
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Pornography and Predators: Basic Facts/Legal Issues

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Legal Issues

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Not everyone who distributes or exchanges or otherwise provides inappropriate sexually explicit content has a monetary motive. Material that you consider off-limits to your kids can be acquired through the following sources:

  • Online picture-sharing or the sharing of links to pictures is done through direct communication, usually with e-mail attachments, but also with instant messages or in chat rooms. Children can be vulnerable because their e-mail addresses can be obtained in many ways and are often easily determined from online “screen names.” Once an e-mail address is made public, anyone can send e-mail to it.

  • Peer-to-peer networks allow people who don’t know each other and who aren’t in direct communication to share pictures. Examples include file-sharing sites such as Napster and Gnutella.

  • Underground community networks, such as chat rooms or Usenet newsgroups, are easy to join—or difficult, as in the case of networks that exist to distribute child pornography but have a surreptitious presence on the Web.

  • Interactive cybersex is online, real-time dialogue—usually text-based in chat rooms or through instant messages—with someone who describes sexual behavior and actions to another person or persons for erotic purposes and expression. Chat-room forums are found at supporting Web sites or through an Internet service provider (ISP) that allows chat rooms as a member service.

  • Personal profiles or individual Web pages on the Internet can be sources for those seeking sexual contact, either in person or online. Pages or profiles might be sexually provocative or explicit to attract like-minded individuals. ISPs often offer ways to post profiles or create Web pages.

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