professionally by helping to supervise such work?

  • Are venues available for providing academic credit or financial compensation to students and teaching credits, time, equipment, and rewards to faculty who undertake such supervisory responsibilities?

  • Has the department discussed what the role of undergraduate research should be in relation to advancing its mission of teaching, research, and service?

  • Has the department considered how it might offer opportunities to engage in short- or long-term research experiences to both current and prospective teachers (especially those who will teach in the primary grades) and students who will not major in STEM?


  • Has the department established dialogues with other departments about the suitability and usefulness of its introductory courses as prerequisite or corequisite requirements for other STEM disciplines?

  • Is the department’s curriculum structured in ways that offer gateways for students from other departments, including those who will not major in the sciences, to continue studies within the discipline?

  • Has the department worked with other STEM departments to discuss ways in which the presentation of topics common to courses in several disciplines (e.g., energy) might be better coordinated and the connections between disciplines emphasized (see NRC, 1999a, p. 36)?

  • Has the department worked recently with other STEM departments and the institution’s college of education to improve the preparation and continuing professional development of K–12 teachers in STEM (especially those students who plan to teach in the primary and middle grades)?

  • Given the recent national emphasis on partnerships between higher education and local schools, has the department discussed with other STEM departments and local schools ways to establish such partnership programs and to recognize and reward faculty colleagues who undertake such efforts?

  • Has the department worked with counterparts in local community colleges and 4-year institutions to establish policies and agreements that allow students to move more seamlessly between institutions?

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