specific chapters (contained in Section II and summarized in Chapter 5),

  • the principal conclusions of the committee (found in Chapter 8) related to the questions contained within the charge,

  • specific recommendations of the committee related to a comprehensive surveillance system (Chapter 6) and regulatory principles (Chapter 7), and

  • the research gaps identified (Chapter 5 and Section II).


The committee introduces the rest of the report by laying out four fundamental operating precepts. The committee reiterates and reaffirms decades of overwhelming scientific evidence and the conclusions and recommendations of advisory bodies such as those that authored the Surgeon General’s reports, previous IOM and NRC committees, and international health experts such as the World Health Organization.

  1. Tobacco use causes serious harm to human health.

  2. Nicotine is addictive.

  3. The best means to protect individual and public health from tobacco harms are to achieve cessation, prevent initiation and relapse, and eliminate ETS exposure.

  4. A comprehensive and authoritative national tobacco control program, with harm reduction as one component, is necessary to minimize adverse effects of tobacco.


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