TABLE 3–1 Selected Advertising Text Messages for Cigarettes and PREPs-United States, 1927–2000


“OLD GOLD cigarettes. Better…smoother…not a cough in a carload.”


“It’s toasted.” “No Throat Irritation—No cough.” (Lucky Strike)


“20,679 physicians have confirmed the fact that Lucky Strike is less irritating in the throat than other cigarettes.”

“Many prominent athletes smoke Luckies all day long with no harmful effects to wind or physical condition.” (Lucky Strike)

“MILD…and yet THEY SATISFY.” (Chesterfield)


“It’s toasted.” “Your throat protection—against irritation—against cough.” (Lucky Strike)


“Do you inhale? What’s there to be afraid of? Seven out of 10 inhale knowingly; the other 3 do so unknowingly. Do you inhale? Lucky Strike meets the vital issue fairly and squarely…for it has solved the vital problem. Its famous purifying process removes certain impurities that are concealed in even the choicest, mildest tobacco leaves. Lucky’s created that process. Only Lucky’s have it!” “IT’S TOASTED! Your protection against irritation, against cough.”


“Does winter make your head feel stuffy? Steam-heated rooms parch your throat? Heavy smoking ‘brown’ your taste? Then you’ve three extra reasons for changing to KOOLS. They’re mildly mentholated. Light up and feel that instant refreshment. Smoke deep; the choice Turkish-Domestic tobacco flavor is all there. Smoke long; your throat and tongue stay cool and smooth, your mouth clean and fresh. Change to KOOLS. It’s a change for the better.”

“Give your throat a Kool vacation! Like a week by the sea, this mild menthol is a tonic to hot, tired throats.”


“They don’t get your wind!” (Camel)


“Ask your doctor about a light smoke.” (Lucky Strike)

“The truth about irritation of the nose and throat due to smoking. Philip Morris & Company do not claim that Philip Morris cigarettes cure irritation. But they do say that an ingredient—a source of irritation in other cigarettes—is not used in the manufacture of Philip Morris…Their [group of doctors] tests proved conclusively that changing to Philip Morris, every case of irritation due to smoking cleared completely or definitely improved.”


“They’re so mild and never make my throat harsh or rough.” (Camel)


“…so smooth and mellow you can smoke them in any number without cigarette hangover.” (Old Gold)

“Viceroy’s filter neatly checks the throat-irritants in tobacco…Safer smoke for any throat. Inhale without discomfort.”


“Your throat will like the change. The mild menthol is definitely refreshing.” (Kool)

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