Kent!” “KENT. For the greatest protection of any filter cigarette with exclusive MICRONITE filter.”

“…Alpha Cellulose. Exclusive to L&M Filters, and entirely pure and harmless to health.”

“Parliament filters 100% of the smoke—recessed filter keeps trapped tars and nicotine from touching lips or mouth!”

“New King-Size Viceroy gives Double-Barreled Health Protection…is safer for throat, safer for lungs than any other king-size cigarette.”

“The nicotine and tars trapped by Viceroy’s Double-Filtering action cannot reach your throat or lungs!”

FILTERED CIGARETTE SMOKE IS BETTER FOR YOUR HEALTH. The nicotine and tars trapped by this Viceroy filter cannot reach your mouth, throat, or lungs!” Reader’s Digest, January 1950.


“L&M Filters are Just What the Doctor Ordered!”

“The cigarette that takes the FEAR out of smoking!” (Philip Morris)


“Good news for ALL smokers…Salem filter cigarettes. THE FIRST TRULY NEW SMOKING ADVANCE IN OVER 40 YEARS! Menthol fresh. Most modern filter. Rich tobacco taste.”


“The first filter cigarette in the world that meets the standards of United States Testing Co. New Hi-Fi Filter Parliament.” (note: the parenthetical phrase “high filtration” was printed, in small type, “Hi-Fi”)


“The truth is out: The wire services recently released a new report that revealed that, new TRUE Filter Cigarettes delivered less tar and nicotine than other brands tested…It’s TRUE…without our knowledge or permission, these tests were conducted and TRUE Filter Cigarettes were found to be ‘most effective in removing tar and nicotine.’”


“You don’t cop out. We don’t cop out. You demand good taste, But want low ‘tar’ and nicotine. Only Vantage gives you both.”


“Considering all I’d heard, I decided to either quit or smoke True. I smoke True.”

“If you are a smoker: There are many reasons to smoke Now. If you are a smoker who has been thinking about ‘tar’ and nicotine, these are the reasons to smoke Now: Reason. Now has the lowest ‘tar’ and nicotine levels available to you in a cigarette, king-size or longer. 2 mg. ‘tar,’ 2 mg. nicotine.”


“Vantage is changing a lot of my feelings about smoking. I like to smoke, and what I like is a cigarette that is not limited on taste. But I am not living in an ivory tower. I hear the things being said about high tar smoking as much as the next guy. So, I started looking for a low tar smoke that had some honest-to-goodness taste.”

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