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BOX 1.2 Definitions

Workplace: The physical structure and location where work is undertaken and organized. A physical location specifically designed and dedicated to organizing human labor for the creation of goods and services, such as a factory, office, or construction site.

Work-Related Illness or Disease: Work-related illnesses and diseases may be caused by, aggravated, accelerated, or exacerbated by workplace exposures, and they may impair working capacity. Personal characteristics and other environmental and sociocultural factors usually play a role as risk factors in work-related illnesses and diseases, which are more common than occupational diseases. [Occupational diseas relationship to specific causal factors at work has been fully established and the factors concerned can be identified, measured, and eventually controlled. At the other end of the spectrum are diseases with a weak, inconsistent, unclear relationship to working conditions; and in the middle of the spectrum there is a possible causal relationship, but the strength and magnitude of it may vary.] (from World Health Organization, 1985). This definition also includes conditions that are not caused by work, but which are aggravated at work.

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