sponse capabilities. As part of its activities, the RCAC participates in the monitoring and assessment of environmental, social, and economic consequences of oil-related accidents. The council also comments on and participates in the selection of research and development projects.

The RCAC was initially funded at $2 million per year. This funding is renegotiated every 3 years and is at a level of $2.5 million per year. Although the council works closely with Alyeska, which funds the council, its independence is specified as a condition of its contract with Alyeska.

The RCAC has been in operation for about a decade. Its positive impact on environmental protection in Alaska is now well-recognized. It has aided in ensuring that health risk assessment and the monitoring of studies in Port Valdez are conducted at the highest level of scientific scrutiny. It has conducted a pro-active program of public participation and information dissemination to ensure that the sensitive region is utilized in an environmentally responsible manner by both industry and the region’s citizens.


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