alternative ways of addressing spatial autocorrelation in the data, and application of such spatial analytical methods to additional data sets.

Application of Evaluation Criteria
Scientific Value

The research has been well conducted with strong statistical tools. In addition, it has taken advantage of the existing literature and statistical tools while applying them to new subjects. However, the statistical tools have been applied to few data sets. The value of the research will increase as it is applied to more data sets and as approaches and results from the various studies are compared, synthesized, and reconciled.

Decisionmaking Value

The research can contribute substantially to decisionmaking. Understanding of potential influence of model approaches on results is key to adequate use of the research findings. Because measurement error can affect the results, insights into the influence of measurement error will assist in the interpretation of the results and ultimately increase their influence in decisionmaking. Understanding of harvesting will help to place estimates of effects on mortality in a public-health perspective.

Feasibility and Timing

Feasibility is not a deterrent to the research in this field. It appears that extensive results will be available within the timeframe laid out by this committee.

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