G LEN R. C ASS , Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia

Glen R. Cass is chairman and professor of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, and professor of civil and environmental engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Previously, he was a professor of environmental engineering and mechanical engineering at the California Institute of Technology. He earned his Ph.D. in environmental engineering from the same institution. Research conducted by Professor Cass focuses on developing methods for identifying the least costly means of air pollution abatement in a complex regional setting. He is currently studying the formation and control of gaseous and fine-particle pollutants, control strategies for visibility improvement, indoor air quality, economic optimization of pollution control strategies, and strategies for protection of works of art from damage due to air pollution. He is a member of the research advisory committee for the Health Effects Institute, and a consultant to both government and industry on air pollution and its control. He previously served on the EPA Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee and on EPA's FACA Subcommittee on Ozone, Fine Particles, and Regional Haze. Dr. Cass served on the NRC Committee on Haze in National Parks and Wilderness Areas and the Committee on Preserving Historical Documents.

J UDITH C. C HOW , Desert Research Institute, Reno, Nevada.

Dr. Judith C. Chow is a research professor at the Atmospheric Sciences Division, Desert Research Institute. She earned her Sc.D. in environmental science from Harvard University. She has been a major collaborator in more than 40 air quality studies and is currently co-principal investigator on several studies, including the evaluation of aerosol measurement methods, sampling strategies, and databases. She authored the Air & Waste Management Association's 1995 annual critical review on aerosol measurement methods and has over 100 peer-reviewed publications. She serves as chair of the Air & Waste Management Association's Measurement Division. She also serves as chair of the Metals 1 Subcommittee of the Intersociety Committee for Methods of Air Sampling and Analysis. Dr. Chow was technical program chair for the Air and Waste Management Association's International Symposium on PM2.5: A Fine Particle Standard.

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