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self-destructing and self-deactivating U.S. APL is militarily advantageous and safe (i.e. they achieve desired military objectives without endangering U.S. warfighters or noncombatants more than other weapons of war), but they are not compliant with the Ottawa Convention. However, humanitarian concerns and Ottawa compliance are not always synonymous. In fact, some of the apparently Ottawa-compliant alternatives examined by the committee may be less humane than present U.S. self-destructing and self-deactivating landmines. Therefore, the committee spent a considerable amount of time clarifying and defining the framework of the treaty and included complying with the Ottawa Convention as a criterion for evaluating alternatives.


Chapter 2 characterizes the current and future national security environments and describes how the functions served by landmines might change with technological advances in weaponry. Chapter 3 describes the current uses of landmines. Chapter 4 explains the committee's selection criteria and methodology for analyzing alternatives. Chapter 5 analyzes currently available technologies that might provide the same capabilities as APL. Chapter 6 evaluates technologies and alternatives that should be available by 2006. Chapter 7 analyzes technologies and proposes alternatives that might be available after 2006. Chapter 8 is a complete list of conclusions and recommendations. Appendix A contains the biographies of committee members. Appendix B lists meetings of the full committee, site visits, and meetings of subcommittees. Appendix C gives a description of current types of landmines. Appendix D provides information about how minefields can be breached and discusses the value of APL in protecting minefields from breaching. The texts of the CCW Amended Protocol II and the Ottawa Convention are reprinted in Appendix E. Appendix F lists the countries that have signed and/or ratified the Ottawa Convention and any work on alternatives to APL by other countries of which the committee was aware. Appendix G provides copies of DOD's mission need statements for APL alternatives.

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