II. Current U.S. Modeling capabilities
  1. Please provide your opinion on current U.S. climate and weather modeling capabilities relative to overseas efforts. Please describe where differences in capabilities exist and what you feel are the causes for these differences.

  2. If you stated that U.S. climate and weather modeling capabilities are behind those of other countries, do you have any suggestions to remedy this deficiency?

III. Computational resources

Resources currently in use

  1. What are the manufacturers and models of the computer systems you rely on for your modeling efforts?

  2. What was the year of installation or of the last major upgrade to each of these systems?

  3. How many processors are currently operating on each of these systems?

  4. What is the estimate of sustained system performance (Gflops) of each of these systems?

  5. What is the central memory (GB) and secondary disc storage for each system (GB/TB)?

  6. How many CPU hours are used per month? What is the cost of this time?

  7. Is computational time shared with the wider community? If so, how is this interaction organized?

Future requirements needed to improve climate and weather modeling efforts

  1. Please list any future upgrades that are planned to your current systems.

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