ing proven mechanisms to provide principals and superintendents with effective managerial and leadership skills that result in increased student achievement.

(4) Teacher recruitment.—Activities described in section 204(d).

(f) Special Rule.—No individual member of an eligible partnership shall retain more than 50 percent of the funds made available to the partnership under this section.

(g) Construction.—Nothing in this section shall be construed to prohibit an eligible partnership from using grant funds to coordinate with the activities of more than one Governor, State board of education, State educational agency, local educational agency, or State agency for higher education.


(a) Program Authorized.—From amounts made available under section 210(3) for a fiscal year, the Secretary is authorized to award grants, on a competitive basis, to eligible applicants to enable the eligible applicants to carry out activities described in subsection (d).

(b) Eligible Applicant Defined.—In this title, the term ‘eligible applicant’ means—

(1) an eligible State described in section 202(b); or

(2) an eligible partnership described in section 203(b).

(c) Application.—Any eligible applicant desiring to receive a grant under this section shall submit an application to the Secretary at such time, in such form, and containing such information as the Secretary may require, including—

(1) a description of the assessment that the eligible applicant, and the other entities with whom the eligible applicant will carry out the grant activities, have undertaken to determine the most critical needs of the participating high-need local educational agencies;

(2) a description of the activities the eligible applicant will carry out with the grant; and

(3) a description of the eligible applicant’s plan for continuing the activities carried out with the grant, once Federal funding ceases.

(d) Uses of Funds.—Each eligible applicant receiving a grant under this section shall use the grant funds—

(1)(A) to award scholarships to help students pay the costs of tuition, room, board, and other expenses of completing a teacher preparation program;

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