(B) to provide support services, if needed to enable scholarship recipients to complete postsecondary education programs; and

(C) for followup services provided to former scholarship recipients during the recipient’s first 3 years of teaching; or

(2) to develop and implement effective mechanisms to ensure that high-need local educational agencies and schools are able to effectively recruit highly qualified teachers.

(e) Service Requirements.—The Secretary shall establish such requirements as the Secretary finds necessary to ensure that recipients of scholarships under this section who complete teacher education programs subsequently teach in a high-need local educational agency, for a period of time equivalent to the period for which the recipients receive scholarship assistance, or repay the amount of the scholarship. The Secretary shall use any such repayments to carry out additional activities under this section.


(a) Duration; One-Time Awards; Payments.—

(1) Duration.—

(A) Eligible states and eligible applicants.—Grants awarded to eligible States and eligible applicants under this title shall be awarded for a period not to exceed 3 years.

(B) Eligible partnerships.—Grants awarded to eligible partnerships under this title shall be awarded for a period of 5 years.

(2) One-time award.—An eligible State and an eligible partnership may receive a grant under each of sections 202, 203, and 204 only once.

(3) Payments.—The Secretary shall make annual payments of grant funds awarded under this part.

(b) Peer Review.—

(1) Panel.—The Secretary shall provide the applications submitted under this title to a peer review panel for evaluation. With respect to each application, the peer review panel shall initially recommend the application for funding or for disapproval.

(2) Priority.—In recommending applications to the Secretary for funding under this title, the panel shall—

(A) with respect to grants under section 202, give priority to eligible States serving States that—

(i) have initiatives to reform State teacher certification requirements that are designed to ensure that current and future teachers possess the necessary teaching skills and academic con-

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