• learners, leaders, and collaborators. This entry is designed to capture evidence of the ways in which a teacher’s role is broader than what the teacher does in the classroom. Teachers submit descriptions and analyses of their activities and accomplishments. The commentary includes discussion of why the activities and accomplishments are significant in the particular teaching context and what impact they had on student learning. In addition, teachers are asked to compose a brief interpretive summary related to these accomplishments.

The Assessment Center

The half-day of assessment center exercises examine subject matter content. There are six written exercises, and teachers are given 30 minutes to complete each. One score is reported for each exercise. The exercises measure knowledge in the following areas:

  • Literary analysis and structure, including literary devices

  • Universal literary themes and literary works

  • Reading strategies

  • Knowledge of language study

  • Analysis of writing conventions and components of effective writing

exercises are currently undergoing revision; these descriptions are subject to change

SOURCE: NBPTS Next Generation Certificate Overviews, April 2001.

benchmarks is instructed to choose them so that assessors see that there are different ways to achieve a score. Those who select benchmarks and score portfolios are subjected to a series of training exercises designed to assist them in identifying and controlling any personal biases that might influence their selection.

Most exercises are scored independently by two assessors with a third, more experienced assessor used to adjudicate scores that differ by more than a prespecified amount. For some exercises, where interrater reliability is deemed sufficient, only a sample of exercises is double scored. A weighting strategy is employed to combine scores on the exercises and to form the total scores on the assessment. This weighting strategy is selected by another committee of teachers who must choose from among four predetermined weighting strategies. To make certification decisions (accomplished/not accomplished), the total score is compared to a predetermined passing score that is uniform across certificates. This performance standard is equivalent to receiving a just-passing score on each

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