• evidence should be provided regarding implementation of the validity plan including results of studies undertaken to collect validity evidence and gather fairness data;

  • the validity evidence should be reported as studies are conducted; and

  • assessment experts should review the results of the validity studies against current professional standards.

Costs and Feasibility

Costs and feasibility should be important considerations in the development of any assessment. An analysis of costs and feasibility should consider all components of the testing program, including test development, administration, applicant assessment time, scoring, and reporting. The analysis should be documented. In particular, the committee’s criteria specify that:

  • the assessments should be accomplished in a cost-effective manner that considers logistics, space, and the personnel requirements of test administration;

  • applicant testing time, processing time, and fees should be considered;

  • scoring and reporting should be done in cost-effective ways and in a reasonable amount of time; and

  • a legal review of the test should be conducted and the exposure to legal challenge considered.

Long-term Consequences of a Licensure Program

Assessments should be used in the context of a total licensure program. In addition, assessments may be used for purposes other than licensure. A systematic effort should be made to study the consequences of the use of assessments in this broader context. In particular:

  • a systematic effort should be made to learn the ways in which individual candidates may benefit and/or be harmed from participation in the licensure process;

  • the impact of the licensure process on underrepresented groups and on diversity in the teaching profession should be examined;

  • major stakeholder groups should be surveyed as to their perspective on the licensure program;

  • the impact of the process on teacher supply and retention should be evaluated;

  • evidence of the effects of licensure programs on the achievement of students taught by licensed teachers should be examined;

  • evidence should be sought of shifts in the academic talent of those entering the field of teaching;

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