Briefing Sheet

Things for you to think about and things for you to do

How do the people who wrote the textbooks know about these events when they happened nearly 400 years ago?

The second of these textbook writers gives us a clue about how they found out.

Can you spot it?

The first textbook tells us more than the second textbook, but the second textbook helps us understand how the writer knew about the Pilgrims’ arrival.

You are going to carry out your own inquiry about “The Arrival of the Pilgrims” so that you can write your own version in a way that shows how you know these things.

Your inquiry will involve looking carefully at some sources and doing some hard thinking.

Source 3: Another extract taken from William Bradford’s personal journal, finished in 1650.

Arrived at Cape Cod on the 11th of November and a few people volunteered to look for a place to live. It was thought there might be some danger but sixteen people were given permission to explore. They were well armed and led by Captain Standish. They set off on the 15th of November; and when they had marched about a mile by the seaside, they spotted five or six persons with a dog coming towards them, who were savages; but they fled from them and ran up into the woods, and the English followed them, partly to

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