Regulatory Program Priorities

Part II divides the Regulatory Program into six distinct segments and lists the work that should be prioritized within each segment as well as the lower priority work for each segment. It is recognized that all districts are performing lower priority work within these segments and it is not intended that Part II of the SOP dissuade districts from doing so. However, all districts should perform the high priority work within each segment before expending resources on the lower priority work. In addition, the degree to which districts perform lower priority work, along with the associated resource implications, will be considered when responding to districts' requests for additional resources. Part II is a work in progress that we believe will become more comprehensive as revisions are made.

It should be noted that four of the segments have associated ranges of percentages which indicate the percent range of the districts ' annual budget that should be expended on that segment. The Public Outreach and Watershed Approaches segments have a lower range of 0% which indicates that these are not mandatory segments of Regulatory Program work. However, these are important segments because their execution can make districts' regulatory efforts more efficient. The other two segments, Mitigation and Staff Support/Administration do not have percentages because they must be accomplished on an as needed basis.

As previously stated, Part II is a work in progress that we believe will become more comprehensive as revisions are made. For example, the lists within each of the segments contain policy as well work types and are somewhat redundant to Part I. We intend to work with the MSCs, as well as the Workload Indicator Task Force, to refine the lists so as to identify priority work types in each of the segments for funding purposes.

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