1. Voluntary Restoration (“Vol Rest”). Enter the total number of NC cases resolved by voluntary restoration, without litigation.

  2. Litigation (“LIT”). Enter the total number NC cases resolved by legal action (e.g. court order, consent decree, fine, etc.) at the DOJ level.

  3. “Penalty”. Enter the total number of NC cases resolved through an administrative civil penalty.

  4. Minor Resolution (“Minor”). Enter the total number of NC cases closed based on a determination that neither the OC or DOJ will not pursue the case and the minor nature of the activity does not justify further administrative action. Cases may be closed where it is known that OC or DOJ has in the past, not taken this type of case. It is not necessary for the regulatory element to inquire on each and every case. This data element is also used to correct any errors made in the previous quarterly report and as a “catch all” for NC cases that are not resolved by one of the methods in paragraphs A–3: 5(p) through 5(s).

  5. “Pending”. QPDS generates the number of NC cases unresolved at the end of the quarter. This figure is calculated using the data with the formula: u=[(m+o)−(p+q+r+s+t)]. Pending files include those submitted to OC and/or DOJ for legal action, until the case is closed.

  1. Attached for reference are representations of the data entry screens as they appear when using the QPDS program.

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