Compensation wetlands planning—

Process using a watershed-based approach that involves advance planning to protect and restore wetland resources within the watersheds.

Compensatory mitigation—

Final step in the mitigation sequencing process to offset the loss of wetland or other aquatic resources if adverse impacts remain after avoidance and minimization.


The extent of terrestrial habitat between wetlands that is suitable for overland migration by animals.

Constructed wetland—

A created wetland that has been developed on a former upland environment with poorly drained soils for the primary purpose of contaminant or pollution removal from wastewater or runoff; also referred to as a treatment wetland.

Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ)—

A federal agency that has promulgated NEPA regulations, which are binding on other federal agencies.

Cropped wetlands (CW)—

Agricultural lands with hydric soils.


Clean Water Act.


Coastal Zone Management Act.


U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Ephemeral wetland—

A wetland in which water is present for short intervals between periods in which the wetland has no water.


Endangered Species Act.


Nonnative species of plants or animals that have been introduced to a region.

Fish and Wildlife Coordination Act—

Federal law that requires federal agencies to consult with the USFWS about habitat loss.

Food Security Act—

Federal law that contains the Swampbuster provision.


Freshwater Wetlands Protection Act.


Federal Water Pollution Control Act.


General Accounting Office.

General permit—

Regional, nationwide, and programmatic permits issued by the Corps pursuant to Section 404(e) for activities that should result in only minimal individual and cumulative impacts.


Geographic information system.



Hydric soils—

Soils that remain wet at least part of the year and that support hydrophytic vegetation.

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