Hydrogeomorphic (HGM)—

Referring to a wetland's location in the landscape, the source of water for the wetland, and the hydrodynamics of the system.

Hydrological conditions—

Characteristics of a habitat in terms of the structure and dynamics of the water.


A measure of the aquatic character of a wetland based on the timing and duration of water in the wetland during designated intervals.

Hydrophytic vegetation—

Plants associated with wetland soils.

Individual permit—

Standard permit or letter of permission issued by the Corps pursuant to Section 404 of the CWA.

In-kind compensation—

Creation, restoration, enhancement, or preservation of wetlands similar to those being impacted.

In-lieu fee—

Defined by the Corps and EPA as a payment “to a natural resource management entity for implementation of either specific or general wetland or other aquatic resource development projects” for projects that “do not typically provide compensatory mitigation in advance of project impacts.”

Invasive species—

Species of normative plants or animals that have become established in a region and are detrimental to one or more indigenous species.

Management-oriented planning—

Process in a watershed-based approach involving in-lieu fees in the planning of wetlands to solve existing management problems.


Mitigation Banking Review Team.


Suite of populations of a species among which genetic exchange occurs in the landscape.


Second most desirable of the sequencing steps in wetland mitigation, in which an activity that cannot avoid some impact on wetlands is designed in a manner to have minimal impact.


Avoiding, minimizing, rectifying, reducing, or compensating for resource losses.

Mitigation banking—

Defined by the Corps and EPA as restoring, creating, enhancing, or preserving wetlands and other aquatic resources for purposes of providing compensatory mitigation in advance of authorized impacts to similar resources at another site.

Mitigation performance standards—

Measurable, legally enforceable special conditions contained in a Section 404 permit that will lead to successful completion of the overall mitigation goals and objectives.


Memorandum of Agreement.

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