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TABLE 4 Summary of Survey Findings on Partial Early-Stage Economic Impacts

Categories of Partial Early-Stage Economic Impacts

2 Yrs After Project Start

At End of Project

Direct Impacts on Member Companies

Quantified Economic Impacts *

Research Cost Savings

Work years saved

$10.0 mil.

$24.7 mil.

Testing materials and machine time saved

$2.0 mil.

$3.3 mil.

Other research cost savings

$1.5 mil.

$7.5 mil.

Production Cost Savings

Productivity improvements

$1.0 mil.

$5.0 mil.

Non-Quantified Economic Impacts *

Shortened Time to Practice

Average time saved per research task

12.7 months

11.0 months

Indirect Impacts on Member Companies

Competitive Position in World Markets



Spillover Impacts on PWB Industry

Technology Transfer

Research papers



Conferences attended



Competitive Position in World Markets



* Indicates these impacts are based only on half the research tasks the members thought they would eventually have done without the ATP, and not the new capabilities resulting from those tasks that they would not have done at all without the ATP.


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