BOX 2 Classification of Research Fields


Aeronautical: aerodynamics

Astronautical: aerospace; space technology

Chemical: petroleum; petroleum refining; process

Civil: architectural; hydraulic; hydrologic; marine; sanitary and environmental; structural; transportation

Electrical: communication; electronic; power

Mechanical: engineering mechanics

Metallurgy and materials: ceramic; mining; textile; welding

Engineering, other: agricultural; bioengineering; biomedical; industrial and management; nuclear; ocean; systems

Physical Sciences

Astronomy: laboratory astrophysics; optical astronomy; radio astronomy; theoretical astrophysics; X-ray, gamma-ray, and neutrino astronomy

Chemistry: inorganic; organic; organometallic; physical

Physics: acoustics; atomic and molecular; condensed matter; elementary particle; nuclear structure; optics; plasma

Mathematics and computer science

Mathematics: algebra; analysis; applied mathematics; foundations and logic; geometry; numerical analysis; statistics; topology

Computer science: computer and information sciences (general); design, development, and application of computer capabilities to data storage and manipulation; information sciences and systems; programming languages; systems analysis

Life Sciences

Biological: anatomy; biochemistry; biology; biometry and biostatistics; biophysics; botany; cell biology; entomology and parasitology; genetics; microbiology; neuroscience (biological); nutrition; physiology; zoology

Environmental biology: ecosystem sciences; evolutionary biology; limnology; physiological ecology; population and biotic community ecology; population biology; systematics

Agricultural: agronomy; animal sciences; food science and technology; fish and wildlife; forestry; horticulture; phytopathology; phytoproduction; plant sciences; soils and soil science; general agriculture

Medical: dentistry; internal medicine; neurology; obstetrics and gynecology; ophthalmology; otolaryngology; pathology; pediatrics; pharmacology; pharmacy; preventive medicine; psychiatry; radiology; surgery; veterinary medicine

Environmental Sciences

Atmospheric sciences: aeronomy; extraterrestrial atmospheres; meteorology; solar; weather modification

Geological sciences: engineering geophysics; general geology; geodesy and gravity; geomagnetism; hydrology; inorganic geochemistry; isotopic geochemistry; laboratory geophysics; organic geochemistry; paleomagnetism; paleontology; physical geography and cartography; seismology; soil sciences

Oceanography: biological oceanography; chemical oceanography; marine geophysics; physical oceanography

Social Sciences include anthropology; economics; political science; and sociology.

Psychology comprises biological aspects (animal behavior; clinical psychology; comparative psychology; ethology; experimental psychology) and social aspects (development and personality; educational, personnel, and vocational psychology and testing; industrial and engineering psychology; social psychology).

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