BOX P.1 Questions Posed in Advance to Workshop Participants

  1. What are three pressing problems in networking (that is, short-term problems that ideally would have been research problems 5 to 7 years ago)?

  2. What are two fundamental research problems in networking (that is, things that would be important to put into practice in 5 to 7 years)?

  3. What is one topic in networking that you would rather not read about again (that is, a topic that could be deferred to allow work on other problems)?

This report does not provide answers to these specific questions—the questions were posed as a way of stimulating discussions at the workshop.

The report that follows was written by the Committee on Research Horizons in Networking, composed of six networking researchers and four researchers from other areas in computer science, based on the 2 days of discussions among a larger group of workshop participants that was dominated by outsiders. The committee met immediately following the workshop and conducted a series of discussions by e-mail to formulate a fresh look at networking research, drawing on the workshop experience.

The report is organized around the three major themes, closely connected to the process of networking research, that emerged at the workshop—measuring, modeling, and creating and deploying disruptive prototypes. It is not a report that seeks to lay out a detailed research agenda per se. The issues raised in this report, which reflect in large part the concerns of the outsiders, would certainly require further consideration by the network research community to be translated into an actual research agenda that would help meet the needs of network users. For example, while outsiders bring a valuable fresh perspective, they can also miss obstacles that insiders see. The intent of this report is to stimulate such an examination.

David A.Patterson, Chair

Committee on Research Horizons in Networking

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