BASC did not explicitly explore a formal climate services organizational structure within a specific federal, state, or local agency. Several such proposals internal to the government have been made in the past. One of note is the NOAA Climate Services Plan (Changnon et al. 1990), which offers several suggestions for consolidating the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration climate organizations, the Climate Prediction Center and the National Climatic Data Center, with the regional climate centers (RCCs) to form a unified climate service.

The existing network of state climatologists, RCCs, national agencies, and private sector organizations has provided services in the past and provides increasingly competent services today. BASC believes that the principles discussed in this report represent the best practices of the various activities and that if applied across all levels of service—local, state, regional, and national— would improve the overall climate services to the nation. The recommendations contained in this report offer concrete first steps toward a better integrated national system.

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