Earhart Fellowship and a DuPont fellowship during her tenure at MIT.

Hubert P.Davis has been an independent consultant since 1985 performing systems engineering and integration studies. His clients have included the NASA Johnson Space Center, the Large Scale Programs Institute, the University of Texas, United Technologies, the Boeing Company, Rocketdyne, NASA Langley Research Center, and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories. In 1980, Mr. Davis founded Eagle Engineering, Inc., in Houston, Texas, a consulting company coupling the experience of Apollo Program leaders with outstanding recent graduates. Throughout the 1970s, Mr. Davis managed Future Programs for the NASA Johnson Space Center, where he developed the Inertial Upper Stage and solid rocket concepts and established the early NASA studies of the space solar power satellite concept. Throughout the 1960s, Mr. Davis had a lead engineering role in the design and development of power and propulsion systems for the Apollo Lunar Landing program. Mr. Davis currently maintains a leadership role in the development of space solar power system concepts.

Richard L.Kline is president of Klintech, a technical consulting company. He is also president and chief executive officer of United Satellite Launch Services, a project to convert Russian missiles to provide scientific research and commercial satellite launch services. Mr. Kline was employed by the Grumman Corporation from 1956 until retiring in 1991. He served as vice president and deputy director, Grumman Space Station Program Support Division. Previously he served as program vice president for civil systems and led Grumman’s work in space solar power station concept design. He also initiated and led Grumman’s participation in space commercialization. Mr. Kline was employed at NASA, Washington, D.C., from 1992 until 1997 in a number of positions, including directing the Interagency National Facilities Study. He was commended by the Vice President for his contributions to reinventing government and received the NASA Exceptional Achievement Medal for his leadership. In 1997, he joined ANSER as vice president, international activities, and led ANSER’s work to promote mutually beneficial scientific and commercial international partnerships in space, primarily with Russia. Mr. Kline has been elected fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), the American Astronomical Society, the British Royal Aeronautical Society, the British Interplanetary Society, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and the Society of Automotive Engineers. He is a licensed professional engineer in New York and Virginia. Mr. Kline is an affiliate professor at George Mason University and is a member of its School for Computational Science Advisory Board. He is a co-chair of the International Astronautical Federation’s World Space Congress 2002 Technical Program Committee. Mr. Kline received AIAA’s von Braun Space Management Medal and was elected to the International Academy of Astronautics.

Molly K.Macauley is a senior fellow with Resources for the Future (RFF), Washington, D.C. She has been Director of Academic Programs at RFF since 1996. Since 1983, Dr. Macauley’s research at RFF has included the areas of public finance, energy economics, regulation of toxic substances, environmental economics, advanced materials economics, the value of information, and economics and policy issues of outer space. Dr. Macauley’s space research includes the valuation of nonpriced space resources, the design of incentive arrangements to improve space resource use, and the appropriate relationship between public and private endeavors in space research, development, and commercial enterprise. Dr. Macauley has been a visiting professor at Johns Hopkins University, Department of Economics, and at Princeton University, Woodrow Wilson School of Public Affairs. Dr. Macauley testified before Congress on the Commercial Space Act of 1997, the Omnibus Space Commercialization Act of 1996, the Space Business Incentives Act of 1996, and space commercialization. Dr. Macauley has served on many national-level committees and panels, including the congressionally mandated Economic Study of Space Solar Power (chair); the National Research Council’s (NRC’s) Board on Physics and Astronomy, Helium Reserve Committee; the NRC Space Studies Board Steering Group on Space Applications and Commercialization; and the NRC Space Studies Board Task Force on Priorities in Space Research. Dr. Macauley has published extensively over the past 16 years, with more than 70 journal articles, books, and chapters of books. Dr. Macauley serves on the Board of Directors of Women in Aerospace and has served as president of the Thomas Jefferson Public Policy Program, College of William and Mary.

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