BOX A-1 Basic Steps to Develop the Master Address File Prior to Census Day, 2000 and 1990


City-Style Areas (mailout/mailback areas inside the “blue line”)

  1. Start with the 1990 Census Address Control File.

  2. Refresh the 1990 list with periodic updates of the U.S. Postal Service Delivery Sequence File.

  3. Conduct complete block canvass in the field in January-May 1999 (not in original plans).

  4. Provide opportunity for counties, minor civil divisions, places, and tribal governments to review the MAF for their areas in the Local Update of Census Addresses Program, called LUCA98. LUCA98 spanned February 1998-March 2000; it included:

  1. local review of initial MAF and census maps;

  2. Census Bureau verification of address changes provided by localities (reconciliation);

  3. local review of feedback/final determination materials from the Bureau; and

  4. review of local appeals by Census Address List Appeals Office in the Office of Management and Budget.

  1. Provide opportunity for localities to review the address list for dormitories, nursing homes, and other special places in December 1999-April 2000 (Special Places LUCA).

  2. Incorporate updates from Postal Service’s final intensive check of Delivery Sequence File prior to questionnaire delivery.

  3. Provide opportunity for localities to supply addresses for newly constructed housing units in January-March 2000 to be enumerated in summer 2000 (New Construction LUCA).

Non-City-Style Areas (update/leave areas outside the “blue line”)

  1. Conduct an address list creation operation in July 1998-February 1999.

  2. Provide opportunity for localities to review the list in the LUCA99 Program. LUCA99 spanned July 1998-March 2000. It was similar to LUCA98 except that localities were asked to challenge housing unit counts for blocks in their initial review. They had to challenge and provide evidence for specific addresses in the appeals phase.

  3. Provide opportunity for localities to review the address list for special places.

  4. Instruct Census Bureau enumerators to update the MAF when they drop off questionnaires in February-March 2000.


City-Style Areas

  1. Purchase lists from two vendors; supplement with field listing operation (prelist).

  2. Recheck the vendor-supplied lists in 1989.

  3. Provide the opportunity for localities to review housing unit counts by block in summer 1989.

  4. Have the Postal Service conduct several checks in 1988–1990.

Non-City-Style Areas

  1. Conduct a prelisting operation in fall 1989.

  2. Instruct Census Bureau enumerators to update the list when they drop off questionnaires.

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