imputation and late additions). The DSE for each post-stratum was calculated as the census count minus IIs, times the correct enumeration rate (CE/E), times the inverse of the match rate, or

The match rate (M/P) was calculated for most post-strata by applying the outmover match rate (MOUT/OUT) to the weighted number of inmovers (IN) to obtain an estimate of matched inmovers (MIN), and then solving for

However, for post-strata with fewer than 10 outmovers (63 of the 416), the match rate was calculated as

Procedures were implemented to estimate the variance in the DSE estimates for post-strata. Direct variance estimates were developed for the collapsed post-strata DSEs that took account of the error due to sampling variability from the initial listing sample, the A.C.E. reduction and small block subsampling, and the targeted extended search sampling. The variance estimates also took account of the variability from imputation of correct enumeration, match, and residence probabilities for unresolved cases. Not included in the variance estimation were the effects of nonsampling errors, other than the error introduced by the imputation models. In particular, there was no allowance for synthetic or model error; the variance calculations assume that the probabilities of being included in the census are uniform across all areas in a post-stratum (see Starsinic et al, 2001).

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