systems of coordination in the food and industrial product chain, industrialization of agriculture, and alternative financial and organizational structures for farm and agribusiness firms. Boehlje’s work focuses on strategic planning, visioning finance, and business policy. He received an M.S. in 1968 and Ph.D. in 1971, both in agricultural economics, from Purdue University.

R.Dean Boyd is director of nutrition at Pig Improvement Company (PIC) USA in Franklin, Kentucky. He has expertise in the dynamics of animal nutrition and experience with industrial and academic research management. Boyd manages nutrition-genotype research and provides nutrient recommendations and technical service to customers. He also manages the nutrition program for PIC farms and joint-venture partners, and is a member of the technical strategy team for PIC Group (UK). Before joining PIC, Boyd was professor of animal science at Cornell University. His research group made important contributions to explaining of the regulation of nutrient use for lean growth, methods to improve the efficiency of amino acid use, and biologic potential for growth. Boyd was a member of the NRC Subcommittee on Role of Metabolic Modifiers on Animal Nutrient Requirements. He received his Ph.D. in animal nutrition from the University of Nebraska in 1979.

Frederick H.Buttel is professor and chair of the Department of Rural Sociology and professor of environmental studies at the University of Wisconsin. Buttel also is associate director of the university’s Program on Agricultural Technology Studies. He has expertise in rural and environmental sociology, and in the sociology of agrarian systems. Buttel’s research interests include environmental sociology and policy, technology and social change, political sociology, sociology of development, theory of sociology, and sociology of science. He served as a member of the NRC committee that produced Managing Global Genetic Resources (1993). Buttel holds master’s degrees in rural sociology, from University of Wisconsin, Madison (1972), and in forestry and environmental studies, from Yale University (1973). He received his Ph.D. in sociology from the University of Wisconsin, Madison in 1975.

Cornelia B.Flora is director of the North Central Regional Center for Rural Development and professor of sociology at Iowa State University. She has extensive background in rural sociology, agriculture, and in rural development. Her research interests include rural America and global restructuring, science and sustainability, and rural economic development through self-development strategies. Before Flora’s appointment at Iowa State University, she was professor and head of the Department of Sociology at Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University, university distinguished professor at Kansas State University, and program advisor for agricultural development at the Ford Foundation. Flora serves on the NRC Board on Agriculture and Natural

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