The rest of this report summarizes the committee’s analysis of the impact of agricultural research on farm structure.

Chapter 2 provides an analysis of the implications of research and technology for the structure of agriculture. The chapter first examines academic analyses of the impacts of research on structural change. Second, the chapter addresses the structural implications of specific types of research innovations, including mechanical, chemical, biologic, and managerial. Third, it describes structural changes associated with the Green Revolution; the introduction of the tomato harvester; and innovations in animal agriculture, including the use of recombinant bovine somatotropin. Finally, the chapter discusses the structural implications of research priorities, including criteria for setting priorities and for obtaining input from stakeholders.

Chapter 3 discusses the structural implications of technology adoption and technology transfer, including the influence of extension, the technology transfer arm of the public sector. This chapter also highlights new models for extension, including broader functions and new partnerships that should be further studied with regard to their structural outcomes.

Chapter 4 discusses the structural implications of public investments in agricultural research, using historic evidence and current data. The chapter highlights examples of public-sector responses to structural issues, including the development of new funding mechanisms and support for alternative agricultural technologies of interest to producers outside the commercial mainstream.

Chapter 5 frames public-sector research and development in the context of other drivers of structural change in agriculture, including market forces, public policy, and the changing role of knowledge and information. Chapter 5 documents changes in the agricultural sector that have resulted from these drivers. Finally, the chapter discusses the structural implications of drivers of change that should be considered in the design of future agricultural research and development policies.

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