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OCR for page 87

OCR for page 87
88 l _~ Impel ',5~1~ o am, tow, Yr.J '/a 3/~/83 ~ P - ~ ~~ of we'd - of. 12/31/84 J.~ [A TOY ~ As5IGNEO-_ 0~n of Fit EI CURRENT Y"R PASA PARTICtPATtN<; AGENCY SERVICE AGREEMENT B~ - =l AGE - R I~RNATlO~^L OBVELO~ ANT O.S. DEPARTMENT ~ ~1 ~ lOR U.S. GEOLOGICAL SURGES Geologic and Hydrologic Hazards Training Program 5 P~o~lG'~A', _ ~:~ a. Pace BOF-0000-P-IC-3064-01 8. a~m~/A`o~wo"~- WORLDWIDE/OFDA 9. 7~- ~ 10.Y_ _ 9~ GRANT a LOAN f~ t964 t~ FORWARD FUNDING I _ ~ ~ _ A. (t) Aool~ N~r (21 ^61~t ~r (33 ~an*;~ - C'TATIONS n 1 1X103 S ~X84l Oi OO~NG45 07 43 03 9 3. fO R i9ART1 CIPATI N`; l I 13 In~ or C~ (2) C~ {~* o, _} (3) I._ Toml AG ENCY S 1 S 7, 600 S 3 63 . 7 S ~ 49~1~ 0 C ~ ED ~U ~ ~ ~ ~ t ~ in.ti" or G`~*. t23 Che ~ ~ Oi_ ~ S 84,5;1 ~ S84.551 ~ _o~r | ~1, ~~ ,c~ ~ | ~;, c~.~g. i-~_~ 1 I31 N~ ~ ~_ IS7* ~ 600 S 468 ~ 301 ~ S60S ~ 901 lC:~L 35f ~t) S~. Oiff~tl~ (2) ~rs ~o=es~n ~nctt~~~lrtg ~ = CO M PC ~ ENTS ~ F .~ S~fit' 9 - 3 i~ l `81oc~c B) S 20*385 SL65.400 57*'* C 37 i SLC-*.?2~* t2. Scs:~n ot ~u~ iu ~ary The purpose ar chis PASA ~mendacot between che U.S. Geatogical Survey (USGS) and A.~.D. is to conduct a gealogic and hydrologic hazards-trasniy progr~. and co prov~de OFDA assiscance in developing hezard abatement axpertsse worldwide co seve [ives and reduce economic losses in couneries where geologic and hydrologic hazards are prevalene. Thss a~endment funds services chrough December 31, 1984. All other eer~s and conditions of ehe agreemene, noe specifically changed by ehis doc~=ent, remain as prevsously negoeiated. t3. GOVERNING PQ0VISIONS; Pursuans to trte Gene~ Agreemenr datea eor'~a=, :, 96' tetween AlO ~na:n. DeDar ~ent of Inter~or ttle nemea ~oove a-trees ~ orov,~e rile serv~ce' outl~nea ~n B!oex ,2 amot~fi" as nc - ~o b, Agoeno~x A, ~n'.~s otner - ,'. autr~or':ea tv A10, a~l serv~ce' see`' o. of 'J.S. or~q~n. ~ny aeoono~ce' t:~ ~ ttl~~ i3AS~. , , _ _ .. 14. S-~r" ,//~ ,NAM e~ C. ~r~e ~ aF"'cC .4ssistant Oirector for Pronra~s c^TE 2~' G~ /9~ - - ~ 5. A ooena ~c~ - ~ -?oe.`Jotx A SC-`P'- Of ~OR,C - ' APoo~otx 3 3UOGE, '~ ~^ME d<'~ . ~ 11la r~lT~_E;'8 C)HiEF. I NTERt~lAT'L 3` I NTERAGE?~; ~ 3i4Ai.C C)fr~C ~ ONTRAC'~lAbJAGc.\lE>JT AlO oArE . 'wx ~ ~ I ~ 6. ~690tlat~nq Cftiell~l '/ ~ ~10: C.~/SOO/~1~ =,_'-nn .i. _ ~PP~:bJ~tX C - USE OF AlO P~i?sO~J~lEL~FAC:t~l~tES ~ ~PC.NOIX ~ SU8CChJ7RACTING i AiGc~CY :)01' SGS: r 2e 3enean ~ ~T~6R/Ref-~E~c '0oendix E - 3~" _ng ~ ~ 4~d ~ ~ - ~S(^ ~.~r ~_- ;~; ___ _ - a~ .- .~

OCR for page 87
89 APPtHOt: ~ SCOPE 0' ~~x -,,,. 1 .~ 2 IlETW~ OH - ; .~ - Ct FOR INTE3~ATl0~AL ~ EYI. `~~7 to U . S. Department of Int erior U. S. Geological Survey -~. 01 BOF-0000-P-IC-3064- ~7_ 1984 lI . Scope o f Work 1. Conduct ~ series of inceruceione1 eeinere and workabope ( including field tripe) over ~ f:~_cek period (March 5-30, 1984) at the U.S. G.olo~ica1 Survey Pedere1 Training Cenear in Bower, Colorado on the sub jecte of gealogice1 and hydrological hazards for not lea. then 30 foreign perticipanes from earehqual" and/or flood disseter-pro" developing countries. 2. Select and invite seminar participants ~ identified by USAIDa, OF0A and U.S.G.S. tachnica1 eels trinity co host countries. Review *11 appropriate applications and arrange all travel and per died for t rawness . 3. Select ant in~ricc distinguished foreign guest lecturers from each of three regions previously visited by the U.S.G.S. to. 4. Finalize agenda for seminar/workshop program a~ coordinate preparation of final instruct tonal material. and arrangements for lecture exercises, elides and reprint/publicat~ons distribucion. S. Coordinate and implement foreign and domestic chapel logistics and per diem distribution for all Lecturers consultants, and pereicipants. 6. Develop a past~disaster response to plan Co ass ist couneerpart experts in hocc countries co determine the nature of disaster evenes and probability of further aceiviCy. Provide guidelines for in~counery use in protecting life and property against d:sascers caused by floods, earthquakes, landslides, volcanoes arc. 7. Assist host countries in collecting the technical information needed co develop comprehensive disaster preparedness programs ant assist in pos ~ -d i ~ as ter sc iene i f Arc re sponse ac e svi e ies . 8. Publish training program preseneations, ir:seruce tonal materials concept, technical results and ocher substantive materials in a finer volume (i.e. U.S.G.S. Professional Paper) for worldwide public d s ~ peanut son . I I: . Bac Aground "Proposal A" (attached) included by reference in :his amendmenc. IV. Report ~ 1. Quarterly Progress reports are required ( ~ ix copies ) . 2. Final Report ( see No . 8 above ) is required in ( draft ) four months following completion of the training program. Final U.S.G.S. (and A. I.D. approved) Professional Paper co be published before complecson of the project.

OCR for page 87
go 21 ACERB SERVICE ~G LIT Mix ~ red CENT FOR INTO - 4TlO~AL OlYt FM - T to S~ 0' ~~X V. Re let ionshipe U. S. Department of Interior U. S. Geological Sunrey I. 0~166., - ^_~- _ - A" - a- _ 0~ - Ooo~P_rc 3064 1984 A,. The U.S Geological Survey will conduct the activity using U.S.G.S. pereanne1, and uni~craity specialists ~ appropriate. ~UD/OF1~ Al 1 coordinate wi ch the USt;S in conduce ing the program in Cooperat ion wits' t he LDCe and USAIDe . Cooperat ing Country Liaison Of fic is1 The U. S.C.S wi 11 coordinate in-country with couneerpare governmental agencies Ad institutions and all logistical arrangements imrolv,ed in the training course. C . Vl. Logistics AID Liaison Officials P au 1 F . Krumpe Program Officer, AID/OFDA, Pen. 1262A, N.S. Washington, O. C. 20S23 US<;S vi 1L sauce all internee tonal and domesc ic cranial arrangeacnts, including purchase of tickets, obtaining passports or ''rises as required, ant make all transportac ion arrangements for domest ic renta1 care for official travel as required. VII. Soec lal Peru ~ resents: . ';o international travel originating in :he C.S. should be undertaken without prior approval of AIDICFDA/',; and or CVJSC0/l;.~. Subcontracting authority is Ranted to O'SGS under i Is 0~ cont.ace~ng authority, and in accordance with A. I. ~ . '.~=ndbook 2 ~ . pages 1-21 and 1-21a, not co exceed SS5,000 as stipulated in the actac.ned budget. All training under this agreement shall be provided i: accordance Finn A. I.D. Handbook 10. ~~-