Phase 1 Mir, Clinical Experience

Thomas Marshburn

Analog Environment, Clinical Experience

Roger Billica

Longitudinal Study of Astronaut Health

Sam Pool

An Evidence-Based Approach for Space Medicine

David Williams

Ethical Issues in Space Flight

Baruch Brody, Ellen Baker, Jerry Homick, and Charles Sawin

Behavioral Health and Performance

Christopher Flynn and Albert Holland

Flight Medicine Clinic

David Dawson and Denise Baisden

International Space Station (ISS) Mock-ups

Terrance Taddeo and Craig Fischer

Pathophysiology of Disease in Microgravity

Thomas Marshburn

Pharmacotherapeutics in Microgravity and Clinical Concerns

Lakshmi Putcha and William Norfleet

Biological Effects of Space Radiation

Jeffery Jones

Resuscitation and Stabilization in Microgravity

Airway Management

William Norfleet

Cardiac Resuscitation

Tom Marshburn

Surgical Technique

David Williams

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