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BOX 1 The World Resources Institute

  • Provides information, ideas, and solutions to global environmental problems.

  • Our mission is to move human society to live in ways that protect Earth’s environment for current and future generations.

  • Our program meets global challenges by using knowledge to catalyze public and private action.

  • Our goals are:

  • To reverse damage to ecosystems.

  • To expand participation in environmental decisions.

  • To avert dangerous climate change.

  • To increase prosperity while improving the environment.

written, sometimes end up rather quickly on the bookshelf, where they lose much of their intended power.


In order to maintain its influence on the policy agenda, WRI is increasingly emphasizing something we call connectivity: additional contacts and cooperation with individuals and organizations outside government, including both industry and the community of nongovernmental organizations (NGOs). When adding connectivity to analytical excellence, WRI is trying to make the most of the new information technology. An increasing number of people worldwide meet WRI through its website ( WRI is increasingly turning its website into a connectivity tool: not only a place to get information (although this is significant), but also a place for real dialogue.

Global Forest Watch (GFW) is a recent initiative of WRI that emphasizes connectivity and the use of new technology.


Created in 1998, GFW is an international data and mapping network that combines on-the-ground knowledge with digital technology to provide accurate information about the world’s forests and threats to them. The overall objective

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