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NGOs cannot realize their opportunities without modern information technologies. Electronic media, particularly the Internet, play a significant role in data expansion, the search for partners, and creation of positive images of these organizations. The Internet is a powerful channel to solve difficult problems, including:

  • Increasing professional competence

  • Participation in decision-making

  • Access to data

  • Broadening scientific opportunities during assessments of ecological and economic aspects of specific problems

In spite of its novelty, the Internet in Russia gives the following opportunities for Russian NGOs:

  • Increasing data receipt and access to data for NGOs

  • Distributing information on NGOs and NGO projects

  • Organizing integrated information databases

The main problem now is providing easier access to the network by both electronic users and by creators of their own sites.


The necessity of new information technology is now evident all over the world. Every day the news industry uses Internet pages with more confidence. For a long time, leading western newspapers and magazines have been creating electronic versions. Many American and European radio stations broadcast not only at conventional radio frequencies but on-line also. Every fifth inhabitant of the planet could have access to the resources concentrated in the global computer networks, including Russian ecological databases. The Internet is gradually turning into a global version of mass media.

As to Russian experience, a new tendency from conventional forms of data to new progressive techniques is taking place, similar to developments in the West. Nevertheless, many Russian researchers consider the Internet not as an independent means of information, but as a channel for conventional mass media. Many Russian papers and magazines have their own sites in the computer network.

On the one hand, Internet-journalism leaps forward, and, on the other hand, different political parties with certain ecological agendas as well as other organizations use the network space successfully. At numerous sites of leading Russian political parties—Union of Right Forces, Yabloko, Fatherland All

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