Statement of Task

The Mapping Science Committee will assess the success and potential of the various partnership programs for geospatial capabilities, and how these and future programs based on them contribute to the goals of the broader National Spatial Data Infrastructure. Specifically, the committee will assess the success of the partnership programs in:

  • reducing redundancy in geospatial data creation and maintenance,

  • reducing the costs of geospatial data creation and maintenance,

  • improving access to geospatial data,

  • improving the accuracy of geospatial data used by the broader community.

The study will use the status quo in the absence of these programs as the baseline. The study will specifically avoid comment on any additional objectives of these programs that are outside the immediate domain of NSDI.

with appropriate peer-review. In an environment where programs designed to promote the NSDI may become convolved with other programs, be diverted to serve other needs, or be expected to serve too many different purposes, it is particularly important that a program of partnerships intended to support the construction of the NSDI be allowed to focus on that goal.

The success of future partnership programs should be assessed by determining, in a rigorous fashion, how these NSDI partnerships have reduced redundancy in geospatial data collection and maintenance; reduced overall costs in performing these tasks; improved access to geospatial data; and improved the accuracy of the data used. Because much of the FGDC’s effort has been devoted to promotion of the NSDI, there has been little opportunity to develop programs that can monitor long-term effects. The FGDC should develop metrics that can be used to monitor long-term progress in the adoption of the principles and programs of the NSDI among agencies at all levels of government, academe, and the private sector. In

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