tactical goals are very closely related to the Framework data efforts. These efforts support the other, less tangible but broader and strategic objectives such as increased citizen participation in decision making, and the provision of improved information to support decision making at all levels of government as well as in the private sector. The evolution of Framework-related NSDI activities and the supporting partnership program can be divided into two major categories of activities: Framework data production; and data access, use and other Framework issues.


The challenge in this area is to make effective use of partnerships to stimulate, encourage, and enable the shift from small-scale, project-based data creation and maintenance efforts to large-scale, sustained, and efficient data creation, integration, and maintenance. Because Framework data are, by definition, fundamental to a broad range of geospatial information applications, it is a core goal of the NSDI to ensure that these data are being produced and maintained. Since the operating premise of the NSDI is that state, local, and tribal governments as well as private sector and NGO entities are each potential key contributors to the Framework, their successful participation in data production is a requirement for the success of the Framework and hence the NSDI itself. Therefore, because of budget constraints, partnership programs must take all possible steps to ensure that the Framework is, in fact, being populated and maintained. With the understanding that the federal government is not in a position actually to fund full-scale, ongoing Framework production efforts across the range of non-federal, data-producing organizations, how can the federal government use partnership programs to address the Framework data production goal most effectively?

  • Increase the scale, scope, and accountability of partnership activities. This could be accomplished by selecting a small number of key non-federal entities that would be willing to participate in carefully monitored and documented data production and maintenance tasks for specific Framework layers. The objective use

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