BOX 5 1980 NRC Report-Some Findings and Conclusions Remain Relevant to NSDI Partnership Programs in 2001

In 1980, the NRC Committee on Geodesy commissioned the Panel on a Multipurpose Cadastre to produce a report entitled Need for a Multipurpose Cadastre (NRC, 1980). Twenty years later it is useful to revisit some of the findings and recommendations contained in that report:

“There is a critical need for a better land-information system in the United States to improve land-conveyance procedures, furnish a basis for equitable taxation, and provide much-needed information for resource management and environmental planning.”

“The major obstacles in the development of a multipurpose cadastre are the organizational and institutional requirements. Reorganization and improved quality control for existing governmental functions will be required. Each of the components of the cadastral system already exists somewhere within our existing governmental structure. Many of the required data are being generated at the local level, and in most cases the users are the individual citizens and the local government officials and planning organizations.”

“The components of a multipurpose cadastre are the following:

  1. A reference frame consisting of a geodetic network;

  2. A series of current, accurate large-scale maps;

  3. A cadstral overlay delineating all cadastral parcels;

  4. A unique identifying number assigned to each parcel that is used as a common index of all land records in information systems; and

  5. A series of land data files, each including a parcel identifier for purposes of information retrieval and linking with information in other data files.”

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