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A brief interim report will be provided by January 31, 2002. The interim report will focus on the February 2001 biological assessments of the Bureau of Reclamation and the April 2001 biological opinions of the U.S.Fish and Wildlife Service and National Marine Fisheries Service regarding the effects of operations of the Bureau of Reclamation's Klamath Project on listed species. The committee will provide a preliminary assessment of the scientific information used by the Bureau of Reclamation, the Fish and Wildlife Service, and the National Marine Fisheries Service, as cited in those documents, and will consider to what degree the analysis of effects in the biological opinions of the Fish and Wildlife Service and National Marine Fisheries Service is consistent with that scientific information. The committee will identify any relevant scientific information it is aware of that has become available since the Fish and Wildlife Service and National Marine Fisheries Service prepared the biological opinions. The committee will also consider any other relevant scientific information of which it is aware.

The final report, due March 30, 2003, will thoroughly address the scientific aspects related to the continued survival of coho salmon and shortnose and Lost River suckers in the Klamath River Basin. The committee will identify gaps in the knowledge and scientific information that are needed and provide approximate estimates of the time and funding needed to fill those gaps, if such estimates are possible. The committee will also provide an assessment of scientific considerations relevant to strategies for promoting the recovery of listed species in the Klamath River Basin.

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