Vaccine Licensure

Legislation and/or Policy Statements

IOM Reports on Vaccine Safety


Varicella virus vaccine available (Varivax)



DTaP vaccine (Tripedia and ACEL-IMUNE licensed for complete 5-dose series

ACIP recommends using IPV for the first 2 polio vaccinations, followed by OPV for remaining doses. Intended to be a transitional schedule for 3–5 years until an all -IPV series is available

ACIP recommends children 12months—12 years receive Varicella vaccin

Options for Poliomyelitis Vaccinations in the United States: Workshop Summary


Additional DTaP vaccine (Infanrix) licensed for first 4 doses of 5-part series

ACIP recommends DTaP in place of DTP

Vaccine Safety Forum: Summary of Two Workshops

Risk Communication and Vaccination: Workshop Summary


Additional DTaP vaccine (Certiva) licensed for first 4 doses of 5-part series

ACIP updates MMR recommendation, encouraging use of the combined MMR vaccine 1999

ACIP updates varicella vaccine recommendation, requiring immunity for child care and school entry

ACIP recommends an all-IPV schedule begin January 2000 to prevent cases of vaccine-associated paralytic polio AAP and PHS recommend removal of thimerosal from vaccines

Also recommended postponement of hepatitis B vaccine from birth to 2–6 months for infants of hepatitis B surface antigen-negative mothers



Additional supply of thimerosal-free hepatitis B vaccine made available

MMWR notifies readers of the availability of a thimerosal-free hepatitis B vaccine, enabling the resumption of the birth dose


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