To annually test and validate technologies that are at or immediately past first commercialization (i.e., have limited market penetration) on construction sites.

Relevant PATH Activity: PATH Field Evaluations, PATH Technology Inventory.

8. Long-Term Analysis of Specific Housing Technologies

To annually test, validate, and perform sociotechnical analyses on technologies that are well past commercialization and have successfully or unsuccessfully reached significant market penetration.

Relevant PATH Activity: PATH/NAHBRC Assessment Research (the “Field Reports”).


1. Research Support

To solicit, select, support, and administer contracts that provide research and development for the home building industry and academic community.

Relevant PATH Activity: All PATH Research Projects Administration.

2. Information Dissemination Support for Housing Technology

To determine and use the best messages for disseminating information about housing technology in general to the major home building participants (including home builders, consumers, product manufacturers, trade associations, innovators, researchers in universities and other institutional research settings, housing developers (including non-profits), non-technical housing development participants (lenders, insurers, appraisers, utilities), non-housing-specific building professionals, and the housing and general press) that included defining housing technology development, benefits, attributes, and opportunities.

Relevant PATH Activity: PATH Marketing Committee and PATH Marketing Administration/Contractors.

3. Information Dissemination Support for PATH and PATH-Related Services, Publications, & Tools

To determine and use the best mechanisms for disseminating information about PATH and PATH services to the major home building participants.

Relevant PATH Activity: PATH Marketing Administration/Contractors, PATH Partner Dissemination Work.

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