how get one bit out of the bottom of the 64. But once you consider the need to label things along all the different dimensions and categories you might need on a globally meaningful basis, there is no way to do it in the bits in an IP address.

There is some hope for a technical solution. PICS has multiple modes. The mode in which you have to put a fixed label on your Web page or site has all types of similar problems as does forced speech, and not enough categories, and so on. But PICS does have a mode in which you have separate servers, like a separate rating service. You can ask the servers about certain data, certain sites, and so forth. This, at least, seems not to have the problems of forced speech or the limitations of other labels. You could have literally thousands or millions of different PICS servers that painted the world in different ways, and they would enable you to ask questions as to whether certain parts of the network are approved or not by the vendor of that particular PICS rating service, which could be some particular church, culture, or country. I am not saying that this necessarily would work wonderfully, but it does seem to have at least some technical practicality.

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