to achieving its network control and survivability objectives. This review will be conducted prior to engaging in the succeeding two tasks.*

  1. The committee will conduct a review to assess the inventory of synchronization assets and will assess the extent to which synchronization vulnerabilities might be mitigated by exploiting distributed, interconnected subsets of the public switched network. It will assess whether adequate synchronization capabilities are likely to exist to support NSEP telecommunications during the weeks or months of NSEP telecommunications restoration and reconstitution after natural disaster or attack on the country, including nuclear attack. It will recommend technical approaches to developing cost-effective, survivable synchronization and will suggest technical program and management plans to realize these approaches.

  2. The committee will review the inventory of switching installations for survivability of switching and control functions after nuclear attack, considering redundancy and alternative connectivity. It will investigate emerging technologies such as burst and fast-packet switching for their possible applicability to cost-effective, survivable switching and network-control facilities. It will assess the adequacy of surviving facilities to support or restore NSEP telecommunications switching, and recommend enhancements or alternative technology approaches likely to enhance survivability. In particular, it will consider opportunities to decentralize routing control for precedence traffic and alternative technologies that could provide cost-effective decentralization with enhanced survivability. Technical programs and management plans will be suggested to realize the recommended approaches.

DATE: November 3, 1986.


Fulfilled by the committee’s interim report, Nationwide Emergency Telecommunications Service for National Security Telecommunications (1987).

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