1. How useful are current data collections/archives from NASA’s science missions as resources in support of high priority scientific studies in each Enterprise? How well are areas such as data presentation, documentation, validation, and quality control being addressed? Are there significant obstacles to appropriately broad scientific use of the data? Are there any changes in data handling and data dissemination that would improve usefulness?

  2. Keeping in mind that NASA receives appropriated funds for both mission development as well as analysis of data from earlier or currently operating missions, is the balance between attention to mission planning and implementation versus data utilization appropriate in terms of achieving the objectives of the Enterprises? Should the fraction of a mission’s life-cycle cost devoted to data processing, storage, and accessibility be changed?

We look forward to receiving your proposal, including study costs and estimated completion date. Please keep in mind that earlier drafts of the above-mentioned congressional mandate included a report due date of June 15, 2000, which we should still aim for. If you require further information on our current plans or if you would like to discuss study charter and implementation, please work with Dr. Jack Kaye, Director, Research Division in the Office of Earth Science and Dr. Guenter Riegler, Director, Research Division, Office of Space Science. For contractual matters, please contact Ms. Dolores Holland at (202)358–0834.


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