BOX 7-1Chronology of Key Events in the East New York School Shootings


Khalil Sumpter and Tyrone Sinkler arrested for robbery; Sumpter got probation; Sinkler got one year detention. This led to ongoing “beef.”


Jermaine Bentley and Jesse Thompson had a dispute over alleged “disrespect” shown to Thompson’s sister. This led to “beef.”

11/25/91 Monday

Jason Bentley, intent on protecting brother Jermaine from Thompson, fired three shots, missing Thompson but killing Daryl Sharpe and wounding Robert Anderson.

11/29/91 Friday

Daryl Sharpe’s funeral


Sumpter perceived that Sinkler was repeatedly threatening him and his family.

2/25/92 Tuesday

Sinkler stepped on Sumpter’s shoe—they had an angry confrontation. Later, Sinkler allegedly fired shots at Sumpter.

2/26/92 Wednesday

Sumpter fired two shots in second floor hallway at Thomas Jefferson High School, killing Sinkler and Ian Moore. Mayor David Dinkins was on his way to the school at the time of the shootings. Later that day Marlon Smith, friend of the deceased young men, shot himself.

2/28/92 Friday

Marlon Smith died at Brookdale Hospital, Brooklyn.

3/1/92 Sunday

Mayor Dinkins announced $28 million school safety initiative.

3/2/92 Monday

Funeral for Tyrone Sinkler.

3/3/92 Tuesday

Funeral for Ian Moore. Reverend Johnny Ray Youngblood asked, “What is Ian going to tell God about us?”

3/4/92 Wednesday

Funeral for Marlon Smith.

8/3/92 Monday

Bentley sentenced to 3 to 9 years in prison for manslaughter.

9/7/93 Tuesday

Sumpter sentenced to 6 2/3 to 20 years in prison for manslaughter.

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