Rockdale County


supervision. Eligible for parole after 18 years

Victims’ families filed suits against Carneals, neighbor from whom gun was stolen, students who knew or may have been involved, teachers and principals of Heath High and Middle schools, producers of Basketball Diaries, makers of point and shoot video games, porn Internet sites offender visited

Civil suits brought by victims’ families against shooters and their parents, Andrew’s grandfather, and gun manufacturers for failure to install trigger locks

Civil suit by teacher’s widow against Wurst family

3 of 6 victims filed civil suits against offender and his parents


Fences built around school, identification tags required

Wooden slat fence built around school

Use of metal detector wands failed but metal detectors used for prom, restricted building access, name badges for staff

School added additional surveillance cameras

Extended freshman orientation period, teachers search student bags in morning, more professional days for teachers to identify problem students, part-time guidance counselor and therapist added to staff

Adult monitors on school buses, increased attention to isolated or troubled kids, therapist added, more teacher training, school resource officer added

More teacher training in conflict resolution, new character education program, but most changes security oriented

Increased number of psychologists and social workers, introduced a new parent education program

Hired school resource officers (police) to interact with students and maintain security

Instituted common sense zero tolerance policy, hired school resource officers (police) to maintain safety and security and educate students about them


New dress code, strict weapons in school policy involving automatic referrals to police and harsh sentences

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